LEO NUCCI: "Adésa a son pramzàn ànca mi!" ("Now i'm parmesan too!")

We are really proud that our Honorary President Leo Nucci was awarded honorary citizenship.
After a long and bureaucratic process, Tuesday 13 October 2009 , the City Council unanimously voted giving us the desired and deserved honor to our honorary president.

With great enthusiasm and determination the Choir Tebaldi has always supported at the forefront of the initiative, sending July 1, 2009 a formal request to the Mayor of Parma, and adhering to the "101 Dalmatians" designed by Achille Mezzadri and his "Piazza Garibaldi virtual "by Pramzanblog for the involvement of all the parmesans and music lovers.

We therefore warmly thanked the Mayor and the City Council for its decision, and all those who shared this very worthy candidate, first president of Parma Lirica Paolo Ampollini, the city councellor Achille Bianchi, and Stefano Mezzadri, in addition to citizenship that warmly supported the proposal.

Of course we hope that this event will be an occasion to celebrate our Leo Nucci, and therefore we expect him with open arms, as always, at our headquarters in Parma Lirica, or at one of our next concerts.

Associazione Culturale Coro Renata Tebaldi